Showing this Friday, 4/5!

IT’S SPRING!!!! How was everyone’s spring break? Anyone go to Sakura Con? Have you enjoyed the cherry blossoms blooming beautifully in the Quad?

Our showing continues where it left off this Friday in Gowen 301 @ 6!

Showing Lineup for 4/5 (times are approximate)

6:00 Welcome & Announcements

6:10 Girls und Panzer (Girls and Tanks) -6
6:35 Chihayafuru -18
7:00 Sword Art Online -6
7:25 Maoyuu -6 (Demon King and Hero)

7:50 Mini Break

8:00 Chuunibyou -6 (Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur I Want to Love!)
8:25 Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas -6
8:50 Binbougami ga! -6 (God of Poverty!)
9:15 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure -6

9:50 Showing After-Party (sort of) at Yunnie Bubble Tea OR Oasis Bubble Tea, depending on space.

former ADP Librarian – We’re still getting the details of power transfer worked out 😉


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