SSS (Special Summer Screening) Starto!

Yatto, natsu da! (Finally, it’s summer!)

What kind of summer are you looking forward to? Ready to go and paint the town red? Maybe some of you folks are taking summer classes and won’t be able to travel too far, so how about some anime-and-chill with us?

Yes, that’s right, we are going to to have Friday showings throughout this summer – same time (every Friday starting 6:00 p.m.), same place (Gowen Hall 301), but with more fun and excitement!

Throughout the summer, we will be watching the following shows:

So Ra No Wo To (Sound of the Sky)

This list is subject to change once the screenings get going, as we may replace one of these shows with a summer simulcast.

We can’t wait to see all of you on Friday!


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