Special Senior Showing (SSS) No.1, 11/22 @6:15 GOWEN 301

Counting down to DOO….. I mean to the freezingly wonderful Thanksgiving holiday then Winter Break! We all know that it’s too quick for the shivering temperature to come before even approaching December! Need to get into the second layer of our clothing soon, actually starting from now would be great!!

For this week, we have an honour to make a special mention to one of our senior officers/volunteers who will be graduating this academic year. To do this, we have a tradition of SSS, abbreviated from Special Senior Showing! In this SSS, we will be showing different titles and episodes, freshly handpicked by our beloved graduating seniors! For this quarter and this week, we present to you,Chang Liu, our beloved volunteer, and Vincent Lam, our Yu-Gi-Oh specialist treasurer.

6:15 Welcome & Announcements with music accompaniment
6:20 Chang’s Special Picks
7:30 Mini Break
7:40 Vincent’s Special Picks
9:15 After Party Bubble Tea either Yunnie or Oasis depending on space
In addition to this week’s showing, please check into the event link that we will be hosting tomorrow for more information and anybody who is really willing to warm themselves up!
Quote of the Week: “Man fears the darkness, and so he scrapes away at the edges of it with fire.” Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)
Mick, the Librarian & DJ

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