Showing this Friday, 10/26 Special Halloween showing!

Come for the creepy anime and free candy! Oh, and participate in our contests too! 😀 

This quarter we’ll be having two more contests you can participate in! Anyone can participate; only officers are restricted from winning prizes! 

Cosplay Contest: Come to our Halloween Showing dressed up in a cool cosplay! We’ll judge the top 3 winners and hold a photo shoot of all participants! Keep it PG-13, guys. 

Garbage Bag Cosplay Contest: We provide the materials, you just come with the ideas! During the showing, try to make a cosplay using only garbage bags, tape, and your own body/model! Top 3 get prizes! This needs to be PG-13, too. 

*** Disclaimer: We will also be taking pictures and videos of all participants to post on FB and our website, so please please PLEASE let us know IN ADVANCE if you don’t want your picture taken!***

Showing lineup for 10/26 

6:00 Welcome and announcements 
6:10 School Ghost Stories -assorted selection 

6:35 Cosplay Contest judging / start of Garbage Bag Cosplay Contest 

6:50 School Ghost Stories – assorted selection 
7:15 Ghost Hunt -assorted selection 

8:30 Garbage Bag Cosplay Contest judging 
8:45 Higurashi no Naku Koro ni -1, 2 

9:35 Showing After-Party (sort of) at Yunnie Bubble Tea OR Oasis Bubble Tea, depending on space 

Hope to see you all in your costumes! 

ADP Librarian


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