Sakuracon Volunteering


Sakuracon is coming up in a few months — the annual convention in seattle that we tend to enjoy visiting!

Normally, to get a full weekend pass into the convention, you would have to pay $50-$60 depending on when you buy your ticket. Another way to get into the convention is to volunteer to help run the event — they give you a free pass and some other perks. We got this message from a Sakuracon staff member describing this:

Hi Everyone!


I just wanted to remind everyone that our Registration department wants you!

We still need general staff, registration coordinators and comptrollers. 
If you are interested in becoming general staff, please send me an email explaining why you would like to work for Sakura-con 2012 as well as your full first & last name and a valid email address for staff registration.

There are many perks that come with being a member of Sakura-con staff. Those choosing the path of a staff get a free staff shirt as well as free membership for the convention. Who can resist the lure of free membership to three days filled with entertainment and fun? Other perks include staff discounts, hotel reimbursement/credits and of course staff parties!

Thank you!

Jennifer Hanson
Assistant Registration Manager
Sakura-Con 2012

Here is a link to the volunteer application page: I suppose the greatest reason to volunteer would be the idea of meeting other awesome anime fans.




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